SECS Pack 1.2

SECS Pack is a tool designed for easy SECS/GEM driver interface development
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SECS Pack is a software tool package designed for easy SECS/GEM driver interface development.
The SECS Pack package comprises of various components such as: DLL, ActiveX and DELPHI but this training is based only on the ActiveX component.
Topics for this course include:
* Introduction to the SECS Pack Custom Control
* Examination of the SECS Pack object hierarchy
* SECS-I and HSMS communications through the SECS Pack control
* Using SECS Library, SECS Transaction, SECS Message, and SECS Item objects to model machine-specific SECS-II message sets
* Using the SECS Pack sample applications, both as development tools and as examples of Visual Basic code using the custom control

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